Tomorrow im getting a digital camera any suggestions?

Answer Get the Nikon L10 or L11 instead.The L10 you can get from Walmart:…The L11 you can get from Target for $109, but online it's $89.99 here:http://www.buydig.... Read More »

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How painful is it to get your wisdom teeth out I am getting my out at 9:15am tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Getting your wisdom teeth out is NOTHING compared to the pain of them growing and crowding your other teeth!! Bring something to clench that fits into the palm of your hands like a rolled up news... Read More »

Any suggestions on a Digital Camera?

Since you specify an 18-70 mm lens, it makes me think that you are looking at an SLR. 10.2 MP is PLENTY enough for anything short of billboard-sized prints. Since the Sony Alpha-100 comes with an... Read More »

Digital camera suggestions?

i have a canon powershot sd 1000 and i love it!you can actually aim the camera at a certain color and everything but that color will be in black and has so many color settings you can chan... Read More »

Buying a digital camera, any suggestions?

Go for any camera from a good camera company (not just an electronic company) like Canon, Nikon etc. If within budget try to get a DSLR camera for high quality and depth of pictures.