Tomato Plants Grown in New Jersey?

Answer While all tomatoes are warm-season perennials--meaning they live all year in warm climates--certain types thrive in New Jersey's seasonal, coastal climate. These include tomato hybrids and varietie... Read More »

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How often should you water tomato plants grown in a container on the porch?

Tomatoes that grow in containers dry out faster than tomatoes grown in gardens. Water your container tomatoes whenever the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. Pour in the water directly onto the ... Read More »

How many tomato plants will a Tomato-tone fertilize?

One 4-lb. bag of Tomato-tone will fertilize four tomato plants. Mix 3 tbsp. of Tomato-tone per plant into the soil, plant, then feed each tomato plant 3 tbsp. of Tomato-tone after 10 to 14 days. Fe... Read More »

How many tomato plants will Tomato-tone fertilize?

When using Tomato-tone, an organic patented plant food, the recommendation is to apply 3 lbs. per 50 square feet. As vine tomatoes require on average 1 square foot per plant, this would effectivel... Read More »

What Keeps Tomato Worms Off of Your Tomato Plants?

Many pests afflict tomato plants and confound gardeners, professional and amateur alike. Tomato worms are some of the most common and most destructive of these pests. Fortunately, they are easily c... Read More »