Tom Stoppard and Civil Rights Issues?

Answer Tom Stoppard has written such plays as "Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead" (1966), "The Real Thing" (1982) and "Arcadia" (1993) and co-wrote the screenplay for "Shakespeare in Love" (1998). A ... Read More »

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Civil Rights for Renters?

Not everyone has the desire or the means to own a home. For the rest of us, renting is the most common form of housing available. While the property a renter lives in is not technically his or hers... Read More »

States Rights During the Civil War?

One of the most enduring political quarrels that has plagued the United States since its inception is the argument over states' rights. The Founding Fathers took measures in an attempt to resolve t... Read More »

A Career As a Civil Rights Lawyer?

Civil rights lawyers work with clients on cases involving discrimination, sexual harassment and other human rights violations. These lawyers have much of the same training requirements as other att... Read More »

What Is a Civil Rights Lawyer?

The term "civil rights lawyer" refers to a lawyer who specializes in legal issues involving discrimination against individuals on the basis of characteristics of the individual that are protected b... Read More »