Tolnaftate Substitutes?

Answer Tolnaftate is an over-the-counter fungal treatment for athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm, as well as other fungal conditions. This treatment is a topical cream that is applied over the infec... Read More »

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Are meat substitutes (or "meatless" substitutes) considered to be processed foods?

processed? very much so. very, very much so. i do agree it is a unique product. very strange; not something i'm comfortable with at this point. Fusarium venenatum, grown in vats, (it's not a mu... Read More »

Tolnaftate for Ringworm in Cats?

The fungal infection known as ringworm can be extremely difficult to eradicate. This is because it spreads readily by means of spores that can remain viable in the environment for up to 2 years, it... Read More »

Substitutes for Wax Strips?

Hair removal was first pioneered by the ancient Egyptians. The Pharaoh's wife used a sugar wax to remove every hair on her body, setting the trend for her subjects. The Greeks, Turks and Romans fol... Read More »

Substitutes for Wig Shampoos?

Wigs are a versatile beauty product for consumers seeking a new style, or those who are in need of a hair replacement product due to hair loss. Since wigs can be very expensive, it is important for... Read More »