Told me to abort surely i can report this?

Answer If you really want someone to work hard on this situation for you, you could hire a lawyer. That might be expensive and not what you are looking for but they can get the job done. What a horrible... Read More »

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I've been told 'coasting' in a car is illegal and dangerous. Is this correct Surely it saves petrol.......?

Coasting in itself is not an offence in the UK, furthermore on a modern car it actually uses MORE petrol than keeping the gear engaged with the throttle completely shut. Here's why... When the car ... Read More »

Where were Harold and George when they were told to report to Mr Krupp's office?

My brother and i share a room and told me to pretend i was sleeping and i heard him having sex but he told me not to open my eyes what should i do?

I recently suffered from a heart attack so i'm told to watch my diet. I love apple sauce but am told not good?

Depends on what's in it that's not good. If you buy the commercial stuff, then try to make it from scratch eliminating the stuff that 's not good for you - like sugar, salt, etc. Try ... Read More »