Tokio hotel family: HELP! it won't let me view the video... DX?

Answer…^^^ Youtube link :DAwesome quality

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[Tokio Hotel fans/family] If Tokio Hotel wasen't Tokio Hotel what do you think they'd be?

Bill- Kindergarden teacher.Tom- Stripper hahahaGustav- Zoo keeperGeorg- Blockbuster clerk.

Tokio Hotel Family: Help me find the video where someone randomly calls Bill and speaks to him?

omg i KNOW what ur talking about lol*surfing youtube*be back in a minute ^_^ lolSHABAM!…don't you love me XDno translation for this one but sounds better l... Read More »

TH Family,New Video Of Tokio Hotel!!!?

OHHH MY GOD!!!!!THANK U SOOO MCUH!!!!I started crying *still am* when Tom said he "adjusted his mind to the thought of love"!!!!!!Omg my god!U know... i still have no chance... but still i cant hel... Read More »


I SAW IT I SAW I IT I SAW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!whoaaa okayy I think I'll calm down now xDand now the countdown for the DVD begins >:DBQ: in the audience when there was t... Read More »