Tokio Hotel question: [Lurlene T] What is the basis for thinking that Bill Kaulitz is the Antichrist?

Answer This person has no idea what they are talking about lol. She or he doesn't even know them personally, she sounds crazy. o.OJust ignore this crazy person.

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Tokio Hotel Family: Kaulitz Palms Und Mehr Bill-Bill?

Hallo. Cousin who loves Jared Leto here. tehe XD (I'm actually at your house right now and I don't remember requesting that question, but you know, it's nice to here the opinion.) Um, their drawing... Read More »

How to get Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) hair?

he says he uses plenty of hairspray and doesn't brush it very often. Wait till Wednesday the 27th, and go to… to see episode 41, where Bill goes grocery s... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Bill Kaulitz enjoys breaking fashion rules?

lol tom is the evil twin? lol and isn't bill more talkative than tom? lol anyway great interview :)i'm proud that bill wants to do things his way even if people will think negatively of it YOU GO ... Read More »

Tokio Hotel question: If Bill was a vampire, would you want to be bitten?

I would be gladly bitten by him!!!First song I heard???? UnendlichkeitI can send you Reden!!!!!