Tokio Hotel Family (only) Youtube!?

Answer Add Tokio Hotels Official youtube page & add people from there(:Or post a comment on there page & people might add you,who are fans of Tokio Hotel, just like me(by the way this is my friends yahoo,... Read More »

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[Tokio Hotel fans/family] If Tokio Hotel wasen't Tokio Hotel what do you think they'd be?

Bill- Kindergarden teacher.Tom- Stripper hahahaGustav- Zoo keeperGeorg- Blockbuster clerk.

Tokio Hotel Family :: Am I The Only One On The Family That Dislikes Twilight?

hahaha NEIN!!you are not!i strongly dislike twilightit makes me sooo mad, i guess its because i've read vampire books before i heard about that one and when i found out about what happens in it it ... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Am i the only one confused?

I get confused at times so don't be so hard on yourself. hehehe, I like goats !

Tokio Hotel(Family Only!)Some new news!?

No, I'm not surprised they asked for police protection. And I'm glad they did.Nobody hurts our boys!'s sad that it had to come to this.Yes, and I'm totally up for going there and protectin... Read More »