Tokio Hotel Family: Question for all you new vegetarians?

Answer I've been a vegetarian since the beginning of 2009, way before I knew Bill and Tom were vegetarians. :-)But anyways, it doesn't matter how people were influnced to be a vegetatarian, the good thing... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel Family: Vegetarians and Vegans?

Yupp, I've known they are vegetarians.I've recently become a vegetarian too.I became a vegetarian because I realized that everytime I ate meat, I'd sit there and pick most of it away before I actua... Read More »

[Tokio Hotel fans/family] If Tokio Hotel wasen't Tokio Hotel what do you think they'd be?

Bill- Kindergarden teacher.Tom- Stripper hahahaGustav- Zoo keeperGeorg- Blockbuster clerk.

Tokio Hotel Family: Question bout the TH Family?

I agree. There are probably about 200 hundred different "Tokio Hotel Family" users on Answers, but only twenty or thirty people contribute regularly by asking and answering questions. I can recogni... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Pointless Question?

Maybe Bill doesn't really want to be tan? Because i remember one time that he got tan.. & he looked kinda bad.xD It's the first one on this page.. my computer blocks it. Read More »