Toilet Won't Suck the Water Down?

Answer A toilet is one of the few appliances that sucks when it's working properly. When you flush it, water rushes into the drain and creates a vacuum that pulls water out of the bowl. If any air gets in... Read More »

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Which way do you twist the valve underneath the toilet to turn off the water Left or right facing toilet?

Dropped my phone in the toilet, now it wont work?

You've probably fried it now by trying to charge it.What you should have done was take the battery and sim out, then placed it on a towel above a radiator for a few days.If you want a flippant answ... Read More »

My toilet wont come clean. i use bleach and it still is stainin. it gross. help anybodee!?

go to www.CLRproducts.comand check out CLR products. CLR will work better than anything. Don't use the CLR kitchen & bath spray, just the CLR by itself. Do not add anything else to it. This sho... Read More »

Is toilet water cleaner than drinking water?

On One Hand: Drinking Water in the U.S. is Generally SafeThe Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) passed by congress in 1974 provides standards for contaminants in the nation's drinking water supply, and... Read More »