Toilet Tank Installation Instructions?

Answer Replacing a toilet tank can be a messy job. The removal process is usually dirty due to the age of the toilet and where the crack was in the old tank. When installing a new tank, you do not have to... Read More »

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Instructions for How to Replace the Toilet Tank?

Toilets have two main parts, the tank and the bowl. The tank houses the flushing mechanism, which includes the overflow valve, fill valve and float assembly. The bowl simply holds water that, when ... Read More »

Wall-Hung Toilet Installation Instructions?

Wall-hung toilets have been in residential as well as public restrooms in Europe for more than 35 years. However, in North America, you usually see them only in public restrooms. Residential archit... Read More »

Wall Mount Toilet Installation Instructions?

Toilets can be mounted on the floor or directly to a wall, depending on the type of toilet you want to use in your bathroom. A wall mount toilet does not use a wax ring to seal the toilet. You can ... Read More »

How much does toilet installation cost?

According to Job Training Place, a plumber makes between $9.00 and $25.00 per hour, depending on level of experience. Home Depot states experienced to professional toilet installation takes approxi... Read More »