Toilet Smells Like Sewer Gas?

Answer Sewer gasses not only smell unpleasant, but they can also be toxic to humans. In addition, methane may be present in sewer gasses, which is highly flammable. Some toilets may smell because they hav... Read More »

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What is the plumbing drop to main sewer line if you are installing a toilet 40 feet from the exisiting sewer line?

My central ac smells like sewer Help!!?

May be that the condensate drain that goes to the sewer has no trap, and you have a negative air flow coil? by that I mean that the blower sucks the air threw the coil rather than blow it threw? ... Read More »

Can anyone help with sewer smells coming from our shower?

Usually, this means that there isn't enough water in to keep the trap pipe (see ref) filled. Usually more likely to happen in a less humid environment - is this bathroom normally have dry air in i... Read More »

Sewer Gas Smells in a Master Shower?

When you smell what you believe to be sewer gases in your master shower, you need to investigate the cause immediately since these gases pose a serious health hazard to anyone exposed to them. You ... Read More »