Toilet & Bath Designs?

Answer Creating a spa-like atmosphere is often cited as the number one bathroom design goal. When you think of a spa, you envision a clean, uncluttered atmosphere that's in touch with nature. In today's... Read More »

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Toilet & Bathroom Interior Designs?

When designing a home, sometimes designing the bathroom takes a back seat to designing the kitchen or bedroom. But the bathroom is one of the simplest rooms in the home to decorate. By focusing a b... Read More »

Is a toilet&shower considered a 1/2 bath?

A bathroom that contains a toilet and a shower is not considered a half bath. A bathroom that has a toilet and either a shower or a bathtub is called a three-quarter bathroom. A half-bathroom conta... Read More »

Toilet Paper vs. Bath Tissue?

Toilet paper/bath tissue differs from facial tissue in that it is designed to deteriorate when wet to keep drain pipes clear. The two terms are virtually the same, depending on preference. Inciden... Read More »

What makes sink shower bath and toilet plumbing release sewage smell when water is draining?

Bad venting system and possibly an untrapped, or dry trap on the shower's drain. Does this envolve a bathroom addition? Answer sounds like something is improperly vented...or your traps siphone du... Read More »