Tofu inside isnt cooking?

Answer Tofu stays tender in the middle unless you slice it very thin. My suggestion for a better texture would be to drain and press the tofu, freeze it, then re-press it as it thaws. For more flavor, m... Read More »

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Basic Tofu Cooking?

Tofu, or soybean curd, is a low-fat, high-quality source of protein. Tofu can be prepared as a meat-free entree or as a side dish. Tofu can be marinated and adapted to many recipes. ... Read More »

Gee as in indian cooking, is a form of butter isnt it?

it's spelled, "ghee". it's clarified liquid butter, and, as such, probably lacks some of the "nastiness" of solid butter. recent studies seem to show that butter's not as bad as all that, though, a... Read More »

I accidentally froze tofu and LOVE the texture change; why isn't freezing tofu recommended more?

I don't know why the package recommends against it. When I first became vegetarian, everything I read suggested freezing your tofu to improve the texture (I also drain the water before freezing an... Read More »

My Cyberlink Youcam isnt recording sound, why isnt it working?

Open the Cyberlink YouCam program. Go to the top left and see 2 tabs a pic of a folder and a pic of some tools, click on the tools and make sure that audio (capture with audio) is checked.