Toenail Problems?

Answer Issues can develop with your toenail for a variety of reasons. Your toenail consists of a protein known as keratin, which develops in layers and hardens. This hardening acts as a protective barrier... Read More »

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Lost Toenail Healing Problems?

Dogs can sometimes be tough on their paws. After all, they spend a significant amount of their life standing, running and walking, which makes their paws prone to injury. One of the more common paw... Read More »

How to Use a Toenail File on the Side of a Toenail?

Whether you're preparing for spring sandals or a walk on the beach, getting your feet ready for display may be a priority for you. One way to ensure your feet look their best is to keep your toenai... Read More »

How to Do Toenail Art?

Constantly going to a manicurist to get your nails and toenails done can be draining to your wallet. Instead, learn to create your own toenail art in the comfort of your own home. It may seem diffi... Read More »


the toe nail will grow back - don't pull off the hanging nail. Disinfect the site and put a piece of gauze over it, secured by medical tape.As long as you have a root, which you do (the root can o... Read More »