Toddler Teachers what do you say at parent confrences?

Answer What I've found that's been really helpful at conferences is to share pictures. My assistant and I take pictures throughout the year of the children at work, and I share these pictures at my confe... Read More »

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Infant Toddler Activities for Teachers?

Teachers and caregivers of toddlers have numerous resources for coming up with creative activities for children ages one to three. In fact, there are numerous books on the market full of fun, engag... Read More »

How to Become a Fun Parent of a Toddler?

We want to help all you dull parents on “How to be a Fun Parent with Toddlers”. This is for all you dull parents of toddlers. We will teach you how to do activities with your child. We will als... Read More »

Can you offer a solution toddler 1 was caught performing oral sex on toddler 2 One toddler is 4 the performer and the other is 3 cousins they were caught Older toddler also has bruises and odd ideas?

Get these children to a doctor as soon as you possibly can. This is an emergency. At least one of these children was obviously sexually molested and needs help now. The police should also be contac... Read More »

How to Be a Great Parent to a Toddler?

Parenting a small child is no walk in the park. But with patience, understanding, and other components required, you will be one great mom or dad!