Today is my Birthday! Mexican or Chinese food ?

Answer Mexican. It's always fun to start with chips and salsa, talk and catch up, while drinking Margaritas (virgins or real ones depending). The ambiance at a mexican restaurant is definitely more festiv... Read More »

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Mexican or Chinese food?

Chinese because theres more variety because theres different types/styles of chinese cuisine, such as shanghai, szechuan(not sure if thats spelled correctly or not), guangzhou, cantonese

Chinese or Mexican food which one's better?

It all depends on where and what you eat. The average "Mexican restaurant" in the US serves similar crap to the old style "Chinese" restaurants that served "chop suey," "chow mein" and "egg rolls" ... Read More »

Chinese or Mexican food Which is better?

I love Chinese food. Chinese food can be healthy --it depends on what you choose. Stir-fried/deep-fried items can be high in calories, but steamed dumplings, fish or chicken with plenty of veggies ... Read More »

Do you like Mexican or Chinese food better?