Today I went to my Dentist for a cleaning?

Answer I do scaling the walls in my sleep when I am having a nightmare about my last visit to the dentist

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Could any one with experience help me please I went to a Dentist for cleaning and he said one of my molar?

okay, here's speaking from personal experience -- straight from the horse's mouth ;-))have had 2 root canals done - one for decay & one for fractured tooth. and one wisdom tooth that my dentist has... Read More »

Dentist teeth cleaning question :)?

No anesthesia :) It should be just a regular cleaning, but once you have your braces on you should do those every 6 months if you want everything to go well and save money on repairs.Good LUCK :)

I am going to the dentist today and I'm really scared does the numbing shot hurt?

Get some baby teething gel and rub it on your gums every 10 mins for the hour before you go into the dentist. You will not even feel the needle go in!! I do this every time as I was a nervous wre... Read More »

So i saw a dentist today and they said I'd need two root canals with possible crown lengthening.. :(?

A dentist can do a root canal, but you need an oral surgeon to do a crown lengthening. A good oral surgeon will give you muscle relaxants, and the option of sedation, for a CL. Root canals are us... Read More »