Toch screen aplicattions for samsung?

Answer Ok so I did some scouring and found these sites for games that work with touch screens: Read More »

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Samsung LED TV screen Problem?

The light blinking usually means a fault and your getting power in to monitor/tv etc.It can be a number of things,as already said.The only thing you can do unless your a qualified repair person or ... Read More »

Samsung tv screen is zoomed in...?

Cycle thru the zoom button on the tv's remote. If that doesn't fix it, be sure the tv is set to 16:9 and the sat. box is set to 16:9. If you are using an SD satellite box, you may need to upgrade... Read More »

Samsung n130 Screen issue?

Sounds like the inverter is bad, I would take it back apart and check the cables are connected right tho.

Samsung Galaxy s3 screen problems?

I know what you mean. When I run an app called "Dead Pixel Tester", make the screen all black and view the phone inside a pitch black room, I can see some random "scratch" or map-like pattern on so... Read More »