Toast - don't you just love it!?

Answer a question about toast... sounds like someone's bored today... lolI like real butter & peanut butter... sometimes jelly... any flavor...

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Ok i made toast but we dont have butter?

Yuck, yuck, yuck. What else is lurking in that fridge? Any other kinds of spreads? I would think that catsup would be better than lard.....although when my mother was pregnant with me she said her... Read More »

My boyfriend raped me and i still love him and i actually dont know what im asking...?

Ok look you know I really like you & care about you but what that guy did wasn't ok. If that's how he's gonna take out his anger on you every time you do something bad or get abusive in other ways... Read More »

I love seafood but dont like shrimp?

If you try the super jumbo size shrimps you will have almost the same good taste as lobster tail.Only the tiny salad shrimps are different in taste and often taste fishy.

Dont you love it when people try to tell you how to raise your baby?

Yeah... I've had my moments where "people" want to "give me some advice"...Honestly I just shrug it off. Its my daughter, if anyone knows what best for her... its me!!! Every baby is different. And... Read More »