ToString error in my please help?

Answer Delete "Rect Surface Area" and "Rect Peremeter" in String.format().

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ToString in java why is it still giving me an error ?

What do you expectString.format("Circle Surface Area ", "Circle Peremeter");to return? I would expect the first argument to be returned unchanged, though I understand that String.format(...) would ... Read More »

How to fix a problem on youtube; an error occurred please try again. i have tried everything please help!!?

Edit out your flick, make a file, open a Web browser, surf on over to YouTube, sign in, upload that file. Most any other way you try, including a button on any video editing program, will not work... Read More »

Installing error Please Help?

The game isn't compatible with Windows 8. Period.

Error in my shape program...please help!!!?

Delete this sneaky semicolon here in your Shape abstract class:public String toString;{I think everything else is fine, you CAN use a "return;" statement in a void method without any values or obje... Read More »