To whom did SaladFork turn over the Crackulous project?

Answer The answer is: 'AngelYou see that little thing in front of the A? You have to include that too. Just copy paste it into the "your answer" box.

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How to Get over With a Guy Whom You Like?

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Is there a cost to adopt a sisters baby whom is willing to aign over papers?

Get a lawyer. You have a couple of ways to assert your parental rights.

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In Idaho does a man have rights to a child whom he helped raise and to whom he paid child support for three years and then found out the child was not his?

Answer You need a lawyer for this one, and yes, you do have rights because you have #1 been lied too and #2 paid child support. This case would go to court and you may win. Be sure you have all c... Read More »