To which temperature should you warm your baby's milk?

Answer If you choose to heat it, warm it so that it is not hot to the touch. You don't have to warm it at all if you don't want. I used to serve my baby's bottles at room temperature so that if we were ou... Read More »

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Does milk warm up quicker than water?

Yes, but not so much that you'd notice. Why? While milk is mostly water, a portion of it is fat and other substances with a lower specific heat than water. That means that for the same amount of... Read More »

Why Does Warm Milk Help People Sleep?

For generations, people have claimed that a glass of warm milk before bed will help you sleep. No one knows for certain when or where this belief began, but it has become an almost universally acce... Read More »

How to Warm a Bottle of Breast Milk?

Warming a bottle of breast milk properly is not as easy as you would think because overheating it can damage its nutritive properties. While using a microwave or heating the milk on the stove may s... Read More »

Is it okay to drink warm milk after alcohol?

course it's ok, milk curdles once it reaches the ph below it's natural acidity, once it gets to your stomach it would curdle anyway