To which Doctor do you go if you have Gall bladder stones?

Answer hi irky, never had them but just like Kev i'd go to my GP and he'd refer me :)

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Gall bladder stones V/s. kidney stones?

Doctors are really stupid about this. It has become easy to remove gall bladders like they used to remove tonsils. DO NOT have surgery and remove the gall bladder. Your troubles will just begin ... Read More »

What can flush out gall bladder stones?

Gallstones can be painful and are an indication that the body is not expelling waste materials properly, since they are made mainly of cholesterol that has not been processed by the body. Several h... Read More »

Without my gall bladder am i more likely to get kidney stones?

No. There is no proof of any link between gallstones and kidney stones.

I have a gall bladder that the doctors say no longer works.?

So you are ignoring the medical advice of trained medical professionals and are seeking advice from untrained strangers.Let us know how that works out for you!Use your head and follow the advice of... Read More »