To where did Ferdinand Magellan travel?

Answer Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to circumnavigate the world, according to Besides traveling the world's oceans, Magellan traveled to the East Indies, Morocco, South America,... Read More »

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How many miles did Ferdinand Magellan travel?

Ferdinand Magellan traveled about 43,400 miles, according to "New World Encyclopedia." This provided conclusive evidence of the Earth's true circumference. Magellan was the first explorer who saile... Read More »

Where did Ferdinand Magellan die?

Explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed on the island of Mactan in the Philippines on April 27, 1521, during a fight with native Filipinos. After the battle, Magellan's remaining crew members finish... Read More »

What is ferdinand magellan most known for?

Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, is best known as the first to lead an expedition to circumnavigate the world. Magellan did not, however, finish the voyage. He was killed in the Philippin... Read More »

When did did ferdinand magellan die?

Famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan died on April 27, 1521. Magellan died from wounds suffered during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines, where he and his crew fought against indigenous forces.... Read More »