To what extent did US foreign policy violate the liberty of foreign territories by implementing imperialism?

Answer regarded the us as a partner of the allies

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How did US foreign policy change in the age of Imperialism from early US foreign policy?

The United States and Iran had a very antagonistic relationship in 1980, and therefore the United States want to inflict a serious blow to Iran. Therefore the American leadership helped Saddam Huss... Read More »

Why did the US change to a foreign policy of imperialism?

In a word (or three), money and supplies: The Allies were bolstered by the goods received by way of ship convoy, as well as money. Personnel, warplanes, tanks, warships, and ammunition literally po... Read More »

To what extent des the war on terrorism represent a break from previous us foreign policy?

the United States will go to war if necessary in order to preserve the freedom of the seas and to protect neutral shipping from attacks.

Why did the US change from a foreign policy of isolation to imperialism in 1890?