To what age is a retainer useally required for ?

Answer Age doesn't really matter, its all about when you got your braces off. And I'd say about 3-6 years after you get your braces off, depending on what the dentist says.

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What do i do if my retainer hurts?

drink wiskey, take some pain killers and have a nap :)

What kind of retainer am I getting?

The traditional ones- it's a dental school, which means the most reasonable way of doing them.

Can I choose what retainer I want?

A permanent retainer is cemented on the back of your teeth. It is not visible from the front.

Why does my retainer smell bad and what can I do?

DON'T use bleach. Its not safe and can cause problems to your oral tissues, which will further precipitate the issue. Rinse your mouth at night with a saline solution(8oz. water and 1tsp. salt) d... Read More »