To what age is a retainer useally required for ?

Answer Age doesn't really matter, its all about when you got your braces off. And I'd say about 3-6 years after you get your braces off, depending on what the dentist says.

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How do you get gum off of a retainer?

oil, vaseline, ice, water, wet towel.

How to Keep Your Retainer?

Afraid of losing your expensive retainer? Read on to find out how you can keep your retainer safe.


I've got blue. The colour doesn't really matter unless you hold your mouth wide open, which is the only time you can see it, but I don't do that a lot.The day I got it, when my braces were taken of... Read More »

What happens if you don't use your retainer?

Just a few days after I got my braces off and got my metal retainer, I felt like tiny gaps were forming in my front teeth. I called my ortho and got my retainers tightened that same day. Problem so... Read More »