To wallpaper or not to wallpaper. That is the question.?

Answer Too late to be any help. Anyway it's a matter of what pleases YOU most. I'd never do anything with a house just to please some hypothetical future buyer. That's how we get so much boring and... Read More »

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Can I wallpaper over wallpaper panels in mobile home if i use a wallpaper primer?

you can do this, but be aware that your wall paper will only be as good as the wall paper underneath it.I.E. if the original layer of wall paper stars to come loose from the wall because of old g... Read More »

Isn't Professional wallpaper adhesive just thinned out wallpaper paste used for "sizing"?

Yes, that is correct. Your powers of observation are astounding. Maybe they should promote you to be Vice President of the Adhesive Department.(hehe, just kidding, love ya' babe.)

How to Create Android Wallpaper Using Wallpaper Wizardrii?

Android wallpaper is the image seen in the background on the home screens. If you want to create your own, you can do so using an Android app designed for the purpose.

Apart from a wallpaper stripper is there a good way of stripping wallpaper?

i used to work in construction and sometimes we would need to remodel a room and we would need to strip the wallpaper of the wall and what we did was we took and sprayed down the wall really well w... Read More »