To vaccinate my newborn or not?

Answer If you have been the healthiest since you stopped getting vaccinated, I suggest you seriously consider allowing your daughter the same level of health by not vaccinating her either. Also, you ment... Read More »

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate Your opinion?

I agree with you. I can not understand why any parent would even consider NOT having their child vaccinated against diseases that could cause permanent harm or death. It doesn't make any sense. I... Read More »

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

While there is no proven link between autism and vaccines, they also have not proven there is NOT a link. ;) Also, the CDC has admitted there is direct correlation between predisposed children who... Read More »

How to Vaccinate a Cat?

Vaccinations are an important responsibility of every cat owner who wants to see his or her cat protected from preventable, contagious diseases that could shorten the cat's life. Learn how to vacci... Read More »

When is a newborn not considered a newborn anymore?

Hi Hun, I had a Newborn - To infant book.It stated in there that a baby becomes an infant rather than a newborn at 6weeks old.I know a lot of people have wrote on here that they become infants at 3... Read More »