To those who say plants feel pain?

Answer I have news for you all. Scientific studies on some plants have shown that when a plant is physically damaged, it not only releases chemicals which are designed to assist in defending and/or repair... Read More »

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Do Plants feel pain?

The north american indians ,dance around a tree singing that they are going to kill it,they then quickly turn around and chop its neighbour down,taking it by suprise.this suggest that they believe ... Read More »

If plants are alive do they feel pain when you cut them?

Yes, plants and trees are living things; they respire, need nutrients, grow, move, reproduce, are composed of cells, and excrete.No, they don't feel pain as they have no central nervous system, or ... Read More »

My father is dead i miss him, i feel so sad i feel pain in my heart from sadness?

That's really sad. I had cancer 10 years ago and almost died when my boys were only 1 and 3. I'm so glad I survived to see them older.Best luck, and I'll pray for you.

Do animals feel pain i heard that they don't have the part of the brain that feels pain, is this true?

YES THEY FEEL PAIN! Why else would they cry when you hurt them (whimper)?