To tan or not to tan that is the question?

Answer I like to tan myself, I am careful not to get to burnt. I will spend approx. 20 minutes out at a time and no more than that.

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This question is a weird question that only makes sense if you think oddly?

Your already there,,,, cus your Katy Perry? In CandyFornia?haha im so confused, please send me the answer(:

Star this question if you are trying to find ONE, just one question in this category that has nothing to do?

this is about the swine flu lolanywayi agree its pretty retarded.

Serious question: Whats the difference between poo that floats and poo that doesnt?

Dr House...*sigh* do I need to explain something that was so clearly demonstrated in your very own show??I'm disappointed...However...if what you said in one episode has any truth to it, poop that ... Read More »

This is probably a dumb question but if I'm in a room that smells bad will I smell like that room?

yes, the odors will carry on your clothes and your hair.