To see a white light?

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What Causes the Dispersion of White Light?

Visible light is made of a mixture of frequencies of light. What we see as white light includes all the colors of the rainbow, from the high frequency violet to the low frequency red. When white li... Read More »

What Is the Spectrum of White Light?

Artists use colors for expression, workers use colors as a tool in color-coding, and designers use colors to sell clothing. The white light spectrum is a part of the world of anyone who has vision.... Read More »

I see streaks of white light in my left eye?

I had this problem too. I was told it was the onset of a migraine. Look up information on migraines on the internet. Also hormones can do that. Don't freak out by everyone's comments. But do see ... Read More »

Daylight Vs. Soft White Light Bulbs?

The difference between daylight (or bright white) light bulbs and soft white (or warm white) bulbs lies in the quality of light that each emits. Manufacturers measure quality of light, and if you p... Read More »