To scan a bill and then pull it up when needed?

Answer You will have to do it the way they want...

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Scan document and automatically pull contact information?

Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free and a great source of accurate information. And has helped a lot of computer users...… Speak to Microsoft Certified Te... Read More »

How do i pull up my pictures using windows 8 off of a scan disk card?

Open File Explorer (Win + E, or click the File Explorer icon on the desktop taskbar).You'll see a list of drives under Computer. You memory card should automatically detected after it's inserted. I... Read More »

How much of Congress is needed to pass a bill?

A majority of both chambers of Congress must pass a bill in order for it to become a law. In the House of Representatives, at least 218 members must be present to vote on a bill. In the Senate, at ... Read More »

CT head scan not needed yet still forced to have one?

Hey girl! I know it's rough to be forced to do something you don't want and don't think is necessary. I'm sure you're right, there's probably nothing else wrong with your eye. But, first of all,... Read More »