To judge or grade others or things?

Answer To rate or be prejudice by judging someone of the different race and so on.

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WHY do people judge others on CHOICE OF FOOD?

People judge because "You ARE what you EAT".They attack because they're IGNORANT.The things u say, wear and eat say a lot about the person you are.I've been Veg since '92 and I'm constantly being v... Read More »

Do people judge others for not wearing makeup?

Makeup for girls/women makes you look presentable. Now I am not saying to go cake your face in makeup, but I am saying when you look put together people will notice that. If you look like you just ... Read More »

Why do people judge others with tattoos?

You sound like me! I drive a truck, have tats, had my daughter at 18 and I've even lived in a trailer but we are NOT trailer trash! We are normal people living our lives to the best of our abilit... Read More »

What kind of things does the judge look at to order joint custody?

%DETAILS% Answer See CA Family Law Code 3040 - 3048 Answer many things come into play here. even though not required, a j... Read More »