To get ip address of user of fake facebook account..?

Answer CAN facebook give them the IP address? yesWILL the police pursue it? only if they are breaking a law - creating a fake account isnt against the law, it's just a violation of facebook's terms of ser... Read More »

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Can anyone trace my IP address back to my computer if i made a fake Facebook account?

Not that I am condoning false FB pages however : You can use a free vpn or proxy to hide your IP. Try downloading the "Stealth" plugin for Firefox. Cyberghost and Expatshield are also free, easy an... Read More »

Can you delete a facebook account permanently and open another account using the same email address?

Technically, yes. Because no personal data of yours should remain saved.

Fake facebook account or not?

Why did facebook think my account was fake?

the main reasons are if you are using a name that isnt your real name, or if you are lying about your age, or if they detect that you created more than one accountor someone reported you for one of... Read More »