To debug computer what does it mean?

Answer When you are debugging, you are fixing bugs that stop a program from running correctly.

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I have Malware on my computer and can not use F3 to debug my computer.What can I do when the f commands fail?

F3?F8 is the key you want. Continuously tap it after The PC posts and before the Windows Splash Screen. Then select, "Safe Mode" ("Safe Mode with Networking", will allow an internet connection, b... Read More »

What does cpu mean in a computer?

CPU in a computer stands for central processing unit. Also called the processor, the CPU is the internal "brains" of the computer where all calculations take place to make the machine work.Source:... Read More »

What does url mean on the computer?

A URL is an address used to help computers locate and load a website on the Internet, a file on a computer or an entry in a database, according to URL stands for Uniform Resource Loc... Read More »

What does tv out mean on a computer?

A "TV out" or "video out" port on your PC or Mac is a port that enables you to connect your computer to a television or other video display device.TV OutIf your PC or Mac has a special TV out port,... Read More »