To be a chief or cook, do you have to be fast?

Answer Yes, you have to be able to work fast, multitask and work on the fly as a professional chef. The good news is that no one comes into the industry as a superstar and these skills develop over time. ... Read More »

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How fast do convection ovens cook?

Convection ovens use a fan to circulate heated air allowing food to cook faster and more efficiently. The use of the fan and multiple heating elements allows these ovens to cook food about 20 perce... Read More »

How Do I Cook Light Super-Fast Suppers?

Cooking light suppers in a short amount of time is not hard to do if you choose the right types of food and cooking styles. If you're in a crunch for time, try healthy and fast cooking methods like... Read More »

Can you cook your vegetables with meat on a Daniel fast?

Meat cannot be cooked with vegetables in the Daniel's fast. If vegetables are cooked with meat, the juices of the meat will be on the vegetables. The Daniel's fast is vegetarian; excluding animal p... Read More »

Why cant the master chief have a girlfriend?

i think he probably has a wife or he cant have one + hes lost in space now