To any early years teachers do you enjoy your job?

Answer There's still a lot of paperwork, however, there's usually a few practitioners there, so doing the reports are equally shared out amongst staff.Also, when teaching pre school, there tends to be mor... Read More »

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How to Enjoy Early Morning?

The early morning is a very special time of day. Even night owls get a delighted surprise at just how special this time of day can be, with its total stillness, the sounds of awakening birds

Early Childhood Teachers HELP please!?

Remember to keep all learning fun and active--no worksheets in preschool ( :Art is about the process rather than the "cookie cutter" projects. You can have them paint with textured fun... Read More »

How to Enjoy Early Morning Mormon Seminary?

You may regularly attend Early-Morning Mormon Seminary, but you may hate it. Follow these steps to relieve some of the burdens that come with attending seminary.

Teaching Supplies for Early Childhood Teachers?

Early childhood schooling includes preschool through the third grade. It is important for teachers of these levels to obtain the appropriate teaching materials to support student learning. Teachers... Read More »