To all you gardeners....what was an early mistake you made as newbie that makes you laugh today?

Answer I went thru a stage where I planted lots of flower seeds in trays in my front porch. Many were easy to grow flowers like marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, and etc. Most ended up scraggly little plants th... Read More »

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I made a mistake and i need some help please =[?

I understand your concern and theirs. Usually cutting is a form of relief for some people but in your case it was only once so explain that much to them. Tell them you were angry and cut your thigh... Read More »

I have made a serious mistake on q and a?

Who on TV actually makes you laugh?

Frankie BoyleAndy ParsonsBill BaileyPhil JupitusDavid MitchellRobert WebbPeter Serafinowicz

If you pay someone to prepare your taxes and that person makes a mistake, who is liable?

Legally, you are responsible for the accuracy of your own return.That said, most reputable preparers will stand behind their work, and would prepare a corrected (amended) return at no charge to you... Read More »