To all you bottled water drinkers out there...?

Answer Britta Babee - reuse yir bottle.Least that's what i do.

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Tea drinkers why doesn't electric tea kettles get the tea water hot enough?

You don't broil water you boil it. Maybe it's a safety thing that it doesn't get as hot. Too many people probably got burned and sued the company or something, or perhaps it's just not made very well.

Some of our water pipes are made of lead. Would it be wise to buy bottled water, the cheap types?

Lead pipes should have been replaced years ago. End of. It doesn't cost much to replace at least the pipes supplying drinking water.

Is pure distilled drinking water,bottled spring water?

Is the cheapest bottled water more expensive than water out of the facet at home?

Bottled water is one big CON.Never bought a bottle of water, and never will.