Tmj!!!! I have a night splint and use it faithfully every night not now my bite is off.. What to do?

Answer You could start by re-entering your question and then looking for the Health Care subject called 'Dental Health.'The question doesn't fit in first aid, and I know because I'm a Paramedic.Health car... Read More »

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Could wearing a dental night guard for night grinding affect my bite?

Here's the thing, I've always said and recommended to not use a night guard, maybe in the meantime, but here is why: Night guards don't solve your problem, (teeth grinding), they only put a cover o... Read More »

How to Wrap a Foot for a Night Splint?

Using a night splint on a foot is a method doctors use for specific conditions, rather than for injuries, at least, for the most part. Night splints are specifically made for helping those with hea... Read More »

My sister was bite by a bug last night.?

Do northern pike bite at night?

Northern pike feed during the day. Therefore, most fisherman recommend fishing for northern pike in the morning or during the day. Northern pike may bite at night, but the best time to fish for the... Read More »