Tmi Gross question: what is this, need help?

Answer I had that, but I went to hospital and had it operated on before it popped.

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I have kind of a gross question?

Garlic is helpful, Ginger stimulates the digestive system, green leafy veggies, warm water....lots of it, a large glass every ten minutes will work wonders, and physical activity won't hurt.

Gross pregnancy question......?

sounds like it was clumpy sperm to me.Sometimes you need to pee more, sometimes less. It changes all through pregnancy. It's great when you can make it through the night without having to pee! :D

GROSS QUESTION, but whats on my arm?

you probley got bitten by something, you may want to get it check out =O

(gross question) Little baubles on bum hole :/?

the dint (i think you mean dent ) is normal.sounds like possibly a small pile/hemorrhoid.or could be a little pimple or skin tag. but i think you would have noticed those i'm guessing a p... Read More »