Titration Tips?

Answer A titration is an analytical chemistry method used to determine the ion concentration of a sample. Determining the chemical equivalence point is the primary technique in a titration. The color cha... Read More »

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When was titration first used?

In 1855, Friedrich Morhn, a German chemist, used and defined titration as a method to weigh liquids without the use of scales for a more accurate measurement, even though is must be completed three... Read More »

Who developed titration?

Francois Antoine Henri Descroizilles, a French chemist, was the first to develop titration, a way of analyzing the concentration level of a substance, according to a research paper, "Titrations and... Read More »

Do scientists still use titration?

Titration is a method frequently used by chemists to determine the concentration of a substance. Many industries use titration on a regular basis, including food science, environmental science, pha... Read More »

What is a titration interval?

Titration is a process in which a solution of an often unknown concentration is added to another solution. A reaction occurs between the two solutions that allows the concentration of the solution ... Read More »