Tire Wear Guide?

Answer Regular inspection of the tires on your car or truck is an important safety practice. Tires will wear out with time and mileage. As tires wear they will give visual clues whether they are wearing d... Read More »

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Tire Mount Guide?

The mounting of a tire on to a rim take precision and special care to not harm the bead of the tire or damage the rim. A proper machine, known as a rim clamp machine, is needed to properly mount tu... Read More »

Tire Rotation Guide?

Routine maintenance of a car is a crucial aspect of the ownership experience. Neglected cars that suffer from deferred maintenance break down more frequently, are worth less money than well-maintai... Read More »

Tire Inflation Guide?

Tire inflation levels have been a hot topic since President Carter advised drivers to monitor their tire pressures for increased fuel economy and safety. That was back in the 1970s, and little has ... Read More »

Tire to Rim Fitment Guide?

Whenever you fit tires to your car rims, it is important to consider several measurements. Tire sizes include the width in millimeters of the tire tread, the sidewall aspect ratio and the diameter ... Read More »