Tire Wear Explained?

Answer All tires become worn over time. Knowing when to replace worn tires is important for safe driving, and to prevent problems with other parts of the car (See References 1).

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Car Tire Markings Explained?

Tires used to be so pretty; smooth, black and easy on the eyes, tires of yore were a study in the beauty of simplicity. Of course, those same tires were also a nightmare in terms of reliability, tr... Read More »

The Levels of Tire Wear?

The tread on tires wears down over time, and with wear, tire performance deteriorates. Specific patterns of tire tread wear can also indicate particular problems. Monitor tire tread wear closely to... Read More »

How to Analyze Tire Wear?

Analyzing tire tread is the surest way to read the condition of your tires and identify any problems with the suspension of your car. Tires lose and gain air pressure depending on the conditions of... Read More »

How to Measure Tire Wear?

When your tires wear down, the tread on them wears down, too. Tire tread is an often overlooked problem, but driving on tires with barely any tread can lead to a accident. According to Read More »