Tire Pressure Vs. Temperature?

Answer Good tires are critical to the smooth operation of your vehicle. Keeping your tires in proper condition helps you save money and, of course, avoid major accidents. Understanding how temperature aff... Read More »

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The Effect of Temperature on Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure varies significantly with temperature because air takes up more volume at higher temperatures and less volume at lower temperatures. Being attentive to temperature when you check tire... Read More »

High Tire Pressure Vs. Low Tire Pressure for Cars?

Proper tire pressure is one of many factors in getting the best gas mileage from a vehicle. Other factors that gauge gas mileage are excess weight in the vehicle, weather conditions and the driver'... Read More »

How Do I Increase the Tire Pressure as Maximum Tire Pressure Goes Up?

A tire's maximum pressure will not change. After all, the maximum pressure is based on the capabilities of the tire and the vehicle it is attached to -- there are no other variables.However, if you... Read More »

How to Reset Pontiac G6 Tire Pressure Sensors After Tire Rotation?

Tire pressure monitoring systems must be reset or "relearned" after a tire is changed or rotated. In a perfect world, your dealer or service professional will have performed the procedure for you, ... Read More »