Tire Cutting Tools?

Answer Tire cutting is used in several different venues. Manufacturers use tire cutting tools to perfect their tires before they are sold to the public. Racing enthusiasts use tire cutting tools to change... Read More »

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Jewelry Cutting Tools?

Jewelry cutting is the art of forming natural gems into shapes that allow them to be set into jewelry and sold. Ordinary jewels that are directly mined may not have any luster at all and are often ... Read More »

Granite Cutting Tools?

Many countries across the globe have granite mining operations. Granite is traditionally cut near the mining site into 3/4-inch slabs or 1 1/4-inch slabs that measure 105 inches long by 54 inches w... Read More »

Husky Air Cutting Tools?

Every job requires a different tool. Depending on the complexity of the project, you could need any number of tools to complete the task. In some cases, you need to move beyond a simple hand tool a... Read More »

Chain Cutting Tools?

A chain is cut to bring it to a required length by the removal of excess material. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, including burning (processes that cut through metal by oxidizing) and o... Read More »