Tire Bead Tools?

Answer The most efficient way to seat a tire's bead is to use a pneumatic tire changer; however you can accomplish this at home using a few different inexpensive tools. While it takes more physical manpow... Read More »

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Tire Bead Sealing Tools?

The fastest way to seal the bead on a rim is to use a tire changing machine, but that isn't always an available option. The good news is that people have been changing tires and sealing the bead at... Read More »

How to Break a Car Tire Bead?

If you want to remove a tire from a rim, you must break the tire bead loose from the rim. Tire changing facilities use a pneumatic device that mechanically separates the rim from the tire, but thos... Read More »

How to Break a Bead on a Tire?

You're looking for an easy, painfree way to get a tire off the rim. This process, also known as breaking the bead on a tire, can be accomplished in a variety of creative ways. If you do not have ac... Read More »

How to Seat a Car Tire Bead?

Although your tire might otherwise be unharmed, many things can cause the tire bead to come loose. Off-roading or road hazards might loosen the bead, or a slight hole letting the air out might also... Read More »