Tire Ballast Definition?

Answer Tire ballast refers to putting liquid in a tire to increase raction and reduce slippage of the rear wheels of a tractor, according to This allows the tractor to pull heavier... Read More »

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Definition of Light Ballast?

A light ballast allows a fluorescent light to turn on and stay illuminated. The ballast is either a magnetic core and coil or electronic. A fluorescent fixture produces light by sending a uniform e... Read More »

How to Reset Pontiac G6 Tire Pressure Sensors After Tire Rotation?

Tire pressure monitoring systems must be reset or "relearned" after a tire is changed or rotated. In a perfect world, your dealer or service professional will have performed the procedure for you, ... Read More »

Method to Calculate Tire Pressure When Tire Is Warm?

While it may seem unimportant to many drivers, tire pressure is one of the most critical elements regarding car performance. Tires filled to the correct pressure amounts give your car better gas mi... Read More »

What is a HID ballast?

A HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp ballast is a kind of lamp that produces electrical light by using an arc placed between electrodes made out of tungsten and kept in a transparent fused quartz ... Read More »