Tips/Tricks for applying mascara?

Answer In terms of order, I don't know of it'll matter as long as te waterproof mascara is used last.In terms of technique, here at the tips I find useful;1. Blink into the mascara brush as you run it alo... Read More »

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Do you curl your lashes BEFORE or AFTER applying mascara?

Before. If you curl after your lashes could break. So curl first and use the mascara as a way to freeze the curl.

Should i use my eyelash curler after or before applying mascara?

Tips on Applying Mascara & Eye Shadow?

Applying eyeshadow and mascara gives you a finished, professional look, and enhance your natural beauty. You can choose colors or shades that complement your coloring while drawing interest to your... Read More »

Why do women open their mouth when applying mascara?

It opens our eyes wider when we do this and it keeps from getting mascara on our cheeks.